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* Sri Rabindra Kumar - Chairperson
* Sri Sita Ram Chhaparia
* Sri Harendra Kumar Singh
* Sri Sita ram Singh
* Sri Jagdish Prasad
* Sri Prem Swaroop
Managing Committee
* Sri Ajit Kumar Sinha-Convenor
* Sri Sitaram Chhaparia
* Sri Harendra Kumar Singh
* Sri Rabindra Kumar
* Sri Kundan Kumar
* Kr. Ritesh Rajan
Advisory Committee
* Sri Subodh Kr Singh-Convenor
* Smt Rekha Jaipuriar
* Smt Shobha Sinha
* Dr Chandramohan Pd. Singh
* Sri Ramkrishna Sahu
* Sri Ajit Kumar Sinha
* Smt Prashanthi Krishna Sylada

Detailed profiles of the Trustees

Sri Rabindra Kumar
Sri Rabindra Kumar

Sri Rabindra Kumar – Chairperson, Kutumb Trust
Shri Rabindra Kumar is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Bihar Institute Of Technology, Sindri, Dhanbad of Ranchi University. Ideally he should have gone to the field but he chose to become a lecturer in Government Polytechnic in Science and Technology Department, Bihar,having much interest in spreading education.
A student of first batch of a prestigious residential school Netarhat Vidyalaya situated in Palamu district of state of Jharkhand , he got his initial education and career vision there. Since the school days itself he gathered love for people of Bihar and vowed to work for their uplift. In the beginning he started a small fund with the help of some close Hatian friends to help poor and meritorious boys coming out from Neterhat Vidyalaya and were unable to continue their studies without some external help.
With a few schoolmates he formed Neterhat Old Boys Association (NOBA) at Patna, which was later registered as a society under his Presidentship. After being transferred to Dharbhanga, he was instrumental in establishing a few primary schools there for poor and needy. Coming back to Patna in the year 1984 he continued his philanthropic works in association with a few organizations. He was more interested in doing real social work for improving poor condition of the masses in Bihar. He understood it well that pathetic condition of education in Bihar is the main reason behind all its woes. With the help of a few interested and highly educated persons he established a Charitable Trust and named it as Kutumb Trust and got it registered in May 1999. He became its chairperson.
Since then he is trying to spread education and is presently working for universalisation of Primary Education in Bihar. With his own resources and with the help of other trustees, friends and a few well wishers he has taken a vow to make Patnacity area of Patna, fully literate within a short span of time. He is trying to do it through own developed education project (named as Home School Project) involving very low expenses.

Sri Sitaram Chhaparia
Sri Sitaram Chhaparia

Sri Sita Ram Chhaparia – Trustee, Kutumb Trust

Sri Sita Ram Chhaparia did his Civil Engineering from M I T Muzaffarpur in the year 1959. He was a brilliant student and was a gold medallist. He started his career as an assistant engineer in Public Works Department of Bihar Government. He rose to the post of Engineer – in- Chief of Roads and retired in January 1996.
After retirement it is a general practice for an engineer to become a designer or an adviser somewhere in a company but Sri Chhaparia had a different plan in his mind. His two sons and one daughter were highly educated and were well placed by the time he retired. He understood it well that his children did not need his money and so there was no compulsion to earn more. But to remain idle after retirement was not his choice. He was a very active man all through his life and was having much concerned for the welfare of the society. He was attached with several voluntary organization even during his service and used to devote most of his free times for social causes. So had to take up some selfless voluntary work.
Seeing very high population and very low percentage of education he came to the conclusion that the population rise in Bihar can be checked through improvement of primary education, he made up his mind to give rest of his life for the betterment of primary education. He is trying to improve the govt. schools as well as mobilize society for the eradication of illiteracy.
To fulfill his dream he joined pensioner Samaj and became the head of the education wing and started to help govt. schools. He thought this even insufficient and started a Trust naming “Madhuri Saksharta Trust” and became its Managing Trustee. Through these two organizations, he is trying to spread literacy among the have-nots.
Sri Sita Ram Chhaparia is a very active trustee of Kutumb Trust. He is providing time, energy and money to this trust so that the organization can move forward to improve Primary Education in Bihar. Sri Chhaparia is a true selfless worker and everybody respects his service.

Sri  Harendra  Kumar Singh
Sri Harendra Kumar Singh

Sri Harendra Kumar Singh – Trustee, Kutumb Trust

Sri Harendra Kumar Singh Is an Electrical Engineer. He did his Graduation in Engineering in 1964 from Bhagalpur College of Engineering. He further improved his qulification by doing his M. Sc. Engg.(Electrical) in 1974 from Bihar Institute of Technology Sindri, Dhanbad, Ranchi University.
He started his career from Govt. Polytechnic Muzaffarpur as a lecturer from August 1964. He became Assistant Professor two years later and was transferred to Govt. Polytechnic, Gulzarbagh, Patna. after a few years in Feb 1972. For a few years he was on deputation to Industry Department as a Senior Manager at District Industries Centre, Bhojpur(Bihar) and came back to parent dept. Later he became Associate Professor and Professor of Electrical Engineering Department. He further joined Engineering College, B.I.T. Sindri as Professor and retired from there on 31.1.03. He joined as a visiting faculty member in Electrical Engg. In National Institute of Technology, Patna after retirement and he is still a visiting faculty member there.
After more than forty years of teaching he gathered vast experience of the society. Seeing the pitiable condition of the education he, with a few friends decided to create an organization which can help improve the education. The effort took shape and the Kutumb Trust came into existence in may 1999. With the help of this Trust, Mr. Singh is very actively trying to improve the primary education in Patnacity area.

Sri Sitaram Singh
Sri Sitaram Singh

Sri Sita Ram Singh – Trustee, Kutumb Trust

Sri Sita ram Singh is presently Principal in charge of New Government Polytechnic, Patliputra, Patna 800013 since last one year. He was Principal in Charge of Govt. Polytechnic, Chapra, before that.
Sri Sita Ram did his Graduation in Electrical Engineering from Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur University in 1973 securing first class. He did his M. Sc. In Electrical Engineering from Patna University in 1999, also getting first class. He is a life member of I S T E and a fellow member of I E T E. His seven papers on non-conventional energy have been published in different Indian journals, so far. Sri Sita Ram Singh joined Govt. Polytechnic Barauni, Dist. Begusarai in Bihar in the year 1975 as Assistant Professor. He was transferred to Govt. Polytechnic Gulzarbagh, Patna 800007 in 1985 in the same capacity. The same year he was promoted to Associate Professor. He is a very active govt. servant.
As a teacher Sri Sita Ram Singh has developed keen interest in spreading education , especially among the poor and needy. He wanted to serve the society in a better way, hence with a few likeminded persons he established Kutumb Trust. He is a trustee cum treasurer of this trust. He is putting all his effort for the development of primary education whenever gets an opportunity.

Sri Jagdish Prasad – Trustee, Kutumb Trust
Sri Jagdish Prasad is a senior advocate in Patna High Court. He started his career in as a lawyer in Buxar subdivisional court but came to high court in the year. He is serving people well through this noble profession.
A student of first batch of a prestigious residential school, “ Neterhat Vidyalaya “ and a successful long experienced lawyer, Sri jagdish Prasad has a very wide perception of good and bad of the society. Coming from a middle class family of a small town, Sri Prasad has always thought of improvement of poor and downtrodden people.

Sri Prem Swaroop
Sri Prem Swaroop

Sri Prem Swaroop - Trustee, Kutumb Trust
Sri Prem Swaroop is a PhD student at the University Of Maryland, College Park in the United States.
Among the brightest students at Scindia School, Gwalior in batch of 1991 and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Prem has worked with Hindustan Unilever Ltd as an IT Manager for eleven years.
Sri Prem Swaroop is the younger son of (Late) Sri Satyadeo Prasad (a first batch Netarhatian), who has been a great source of inspiration to many amongst us. Sri Prem Swaroop is highly committed to the cause of promoting education in India and works closely with Kutumb Trust as its Trustee.